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Motto: “Plant Smiles, Harvest Laughter, Grow Love”


The Northeast Community Coalition, formally established in 2012 is a small grassroots nonprofit, consisting of community residents, local businesses, organizations, churches and various Town and County departments. Through community planning efforts and feedback from residents, “food security” has remained a priority for the community and residents. NECC piloted a community garden in 2015 on the Dubois Campus and later moved the garden to Spring Street with the help of the Lowe’s Heroes grant obtained by Habitat for Humanity. The garden has helped to provide fresh produce to hundreds of families with a particular focus on seniors. We look forward to expanding the garden at the new
location and increasing the number of families served.

Garden Leadership
● Theatric Caudle – Resident Garden Coordinator (984) 268-9170 

● NECC Leadership Team

NECC Garden Objectives:

● Contribute to the health and well-being of Northeast Community Residents.
● Address the lack of affordable and convenient fresh produce in the area.
● Educate children and adults in the community about healthy food habits, food self-sufficiency, and sustainability practices.
● Cultivate a community space that is safe and welcoming for all. This space will serve as a gathering spot, an outdoor educational classroom, a source for creative and artistic inspiration, and an entertainment area.

Garden Hours – 504 North Taylor Street
● Volunteer Days: 1 st and 3 rd Saturdays of each month

  • Volunteers can sign up for the morning shift 10am-12:30pm, afternoon shift 1:30pm-4pm, or stay all day. During the summer and winter months, garden volunteer hours are  9:00am-12:00pm.

  • Volunteers should schedule time through Sign Up Genius & complete a waiver form.

  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Garden Norms & Expectations:

● This garden is grown and maintained for the Northeast Neighborhood Residents- all residents have ownership in the garden- its’ produce and space itself. Residents are the first priority of any garden visitor.
● Visitors to the garden are expected to be respectful to the NECC leadership, garden neighbors, any Northeast
residents, and other visitors or guests.
● Children are VERY welcome in the garden but should be supervised by an adult.
● Visitors will make sure the garden is cleaner and in a better state than when they entered. In the garden we ask
that you recycle what you can, compost items that are acceptable, and dispose of the rest in the garbage. This
applies to the area in front of the garden as well.
● Visitors will check the Bulletin Board/Chalkboard area upon entering for up to date communication from the
NECC leadership team about current events, chores, or tasks in the garden.
● Garden tools and supplies are for everyone to use so visitors will clean and return them promptly after using
them and treat them with care while using them so that they will be available for others in the future.
● Visitors to the garden will follow safety protocols and remind others to do the same, including COVID
precautions – ex: Masks and social distancing.
● Visitors will refrain from bringing any pets or animals into the garden- this is for the safety of other visitors and the
cleanliness of the food being produced.
● The following are prohibited on the garden premises: Tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, open flames,
weapons, abusive language or bullying behavior, loud music that may disturb other visitors or garden neighbors.

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